Friday, October 26, 2012

Coreroc and the UV mural!

HighBall Halloween will glow even brighter with murals created by laser beams on reactive material by Ashley Voss, Lea Gray, and Julia McCann.  Completed on free-standing wooden walls, these three artists will work on three separate murals during the course of the event.  One additional mural will be created for the purpose of a photo op for the public.  This photo op mural combines themes of fashion and costume, creating a flyer poster effect in a mural scale. It's going to be vibrantly colorful on a black contrast background with a fantastic glowing effect.  Finished in advance, this mural will be available for photos all night!

Despite the complicated procedures involved with preparing mural surfaces and laser beams required prior to the event, as well as the challenge of completing the mural in just one day, Ashley (who uses the artist name, Coreroc) can confidently rely on his 12-year background of mural painting.

On Saturday you will find the murals to be very cohesive to the party.  They tie seamlessly to one another and to the street scene and natural environment.  Especially exciting is the connection between HighBall's glow theme and the murals.  Using uv reactive materials and opic color will interact with the surrounding trees and environment to create a dynamic glowing scene.  Additionally, the illusion of particles will come off the wall and bring a new perspective of depth to the murals.

Be sure to check out this spectacular live mural painting just north of the courtyard of the convention center.