Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween HighBaller Highlight: Meet Greg Ferris!

Greg Ferris has loved halloween since his very first experiences trick-or-treating during his childhood. Even at this young age he sensed a magical quality in the opportunity to set aside his everyday identity and transforming into something new. This enthusiasm sparked a 20-year business venture of "Monster for Rent." Greg makes appearances at a variety of autumn events (parties, festivals, etc) as a 9-foot stilt-walking Frankenstein monster.

Having traveled to Salem, South Beach, and Key West for halloween events, Greg was thrilled to experience HighBall Halloween as one of the best he has attended for the first time in 2011.

For Greg the highlights of the event included the organization, security, and entertainment. This provided the context to have no cares other than having fun!

The most striking aspect of the event was diversity. Greg challenges any person who attends HighBall to "point to one other event where you will find such a mix of people from every walk of life." You will fit right in no matter your age or background.

Above all else, Greg loves the youthfulness and fantasy that accompanies Halloween, and encourages you to invite your friends and family, "besides, memories made while wearing a costume just last longer."