Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to Make Your Costume GLOW! Part I

Are you looking for the most outrageous way to win the "Most Brilliant" category of the public costume contest on a budget?  Are you unsure how to use EL wire, LED lights, UV reactive materials, opalescent makeup, lasers, glitter, or anything that produces/reflects light?  Here is some advice to get you started! Keep posted for more advice from our sponsors!

Talented event intern, Aldo Corona, has transformed three basic costumes: angel, medusa, and robot into spectacular glow.  Try some of these techniques with your costume idea!
One of our fabulous HighBall designers, Ryan Charles Richmond, suggests craft stores or digging through your old seasonal decorations for battery powered lights to incorporate into your costume.  In fact, he advocates thinking even more outside the box and taking more elaborate decorative pieces, such as light-up trees which can be incorporated as headpieces or built into shoes.  Most importantly, Ryan encourages bravery - be unafraid to think strange, huge, large. Make people take a second look!