Thursday, October 18, 2012

Make-up Tips from Waldo's Salon!

Unsure how to put the finishing touches on your HighBall costume?! Waldo's On High is here to help! Use these simple steps to create a stunning look!

STEP ONE: Apply a white base (either traditional halloween makeup or a very pale foundation) to the entire face. A brush is preferable, but makeup sponges work as well!

STEP TWO: Apply a white/iridescent shadow to the entire lid and brow bone, inside of the eye and underneath the eye.

STEP THREE: Wet a silver eye shadow with the makeup brush and apply to the lid and crease pulling it out past the eye.

STEP FOUR: Apply black eye shadow along the outer/upper lash line (up to the crease), and blend to create a smoky effect.

STEP FIVE: With liquid eyeliner, draw a line that toward your nose and slightly curves down, along the upper lash line and wings up and out past the eye. Then, line the lower lash line connecting on the inside and outside of the eye.

STEP SIX: Apply the eyelashes of your choice. Feathers, metallic and ultra voluminous lashes are totally in right now!

STEP SEVEN: Apply black lipstick. Then add drop of blood (using red cream halloween makeup, red lipstick or lip pencil) out from the corner of your mouth.

STEP EIGHT: To create a more hollowed out look we used a gray eyeshadow to highlight the cheeks. Finally, a makeup spray will set the look and keep you looking fabulous all night!