Friday, October 19, 2012

Meet the Amazing Giants!

The Amazing Giants like to Dress UP!  They are self-described "free-lance freaks, dancers and artists that go above and beyond" with a "passion for elevating perspectives and enhancing environments in a positive way." 

Jessica Minshall: (Jessijem) Stilt walking since March 2011 event in Colorado, she formed the Amazing Giants in Columbus shortly after.  In addition to organizing stilting events, Jessica enjoys writing songs, playing music, and taking care of Life.

Cate Owens: (Button Le’ Bouton): Dancing since age 7, Cate is known as the "fancy fashionista," and is at the center of the HighBall creative team.  In addition to getting high on stilts, she loves to squidgy!

Ziel Amalgamation: (James Pryor) loves Columbus.  Since moving from California in 2004, he has been taking active part in performance art groups including Anna and The Annadroids, Super Collider Theater, Quantum Fire, Kickin' It, and The Amazing Giants.

Kate Hunsaker: Originally from Clintonville, Kate studied sociology at OSU. She enjoys outdoor activities, traveling, and viewing the world from the perspective of a giant. 

Lindsay Nova: Originally from Florida, Lindsay moved to Columbus to attend Ohio University, earning her BFA in Dance. Currently she specializes in cirque-style performance art such as hula hoop, fire, aerial, and stilt walking. She credits her sanity to daily yoga practice, which she also teaches throughout Columbus. 

Lindsay Magpiie: Lindsay loves long walks on a beach, but truly prefers being 9ft tall with all of her best friends - dancing while spreading love and good energy all around. 

Victoria Woods: A student of fashion at Ohio State, Victoria is the newest member of the Amazing Giants. In her free time she plays string bass, hula hoops and stilts. 

Samantha Riccardi: Samantha is passionate about portraying concepts and visions through a variety of mediums and sharing these with the community.  In addition to being a freelance sculptress, dancer, photographer, and spiritual philosopher, she is an artist's model.  What is it like being in stilts? Perspective changes everything, a whole new world is right in front of you, if you are only willing to see. 

Patrick Powell: A junior at Ohio State, Patrick has been stilting with the Amazing Giants from their start.  He spends his time catering, studying, and working out, and loves mountain biking and food! 

Eleah Castle: Originally from Columbus, Eleah loves going out and listening to music at Dick’s Den.  Active in the Columbus music scene, she makes time for moving and grooving in all circumstances, and does booking for local festivals and