Thursday, October 18, 2012

HighBall Hotspot: Global Gallery and Latino Arts for Humanity's Day of the Dead

Concerned about getting too cold on the night of HighBall? Worry no more! All HallBallites are VIP this year with a heated space and hot drinks available to you when the coldness strikes. HighBall Halloween is excited to partner with the Global Gallery and Latino Arts for Humanity for this year's hot drink hotspot. More than a place to find warmth and hot drinks, you will be immersed in the arts of Latino culture right here in the Short North!

In fact, for several years the Global Gallery and Latino Arts for Humanity have been teaming up for Day of the Dead celebrations as a Bolivian orphanage fundraiser.  As a non-profit organization, the Latino Arts for Humanity state on their blog that they "exist to encourage, develop and preserve the arts and cultural heritage of the Latino community." The SNA is so excited that these goals can be met within the context of HighBall!

HighBall Halloween will remain consistent with Day of the Dead's purpose of celebrating life and honoring the dead with a recreation of a traditional Guatemalan cemetery.  Executive Director of the Global Gallery, Connie DeJong, describes the cemetery's atmosphere as vibrant, a place where the living go to celebrate, party, eat, and drink while connecting with the spirits of their loved ones.    

Catrina, an elegant and beautiful female skeleton, and a dominant figure in the Day of the Dead celebration, will be making an appearance in the form of live models, makeup, art, and banners.  Additionally, Latin American artist, Beatriz, will be contributing artwork made from elaborate paper cutouts. 

The hotspot zone is expected to be energetic, fun, and unique. DeJong is looking forward to this year's opportunity to share Latino arts and culture with the whole community and to bring additional flavor to the event.