Monday, October 15, 2012

Styling Tips from Phia Salon!

The SNA is SO excited to have the talented stylists at Phia Salon back on the Highball team for the 5th year in a row! Phia helps to ensure that each model wearing the costumes of our fabulous 8 designers have exactly the right look for HighBall's Costume Couture Fashion Showdown. Sunshine is leading a team of 10-12 stylists on the day of the event and has generously given us some hair tips to make your costume pop!

The amazing efforts given by Phia are tremendous! Sunshine of Phia Salon notes that in addition to the hours of preparation required in the weeks leading up until Highball, the stylists will need 6 hours to finish the hair styles on the day of the event!

Styling Tips from Phia Salon:

To begin with, Sunshine shares some of her favorite products that will be used backstage:

Pure Abundance Style Prep: Provides thermal protection and strength while giving heat-activated weightless volume to wet/dry hair

Volumizing Tonic: Heat-activated volume and hold to damp/dry hair

Pure Abundance Hair Potion: Adds 17% more thickness when sprinkled on dry hair 

Control Force Hairspray: Gives strong, brushable hold to wet/dry hair

Sunshine's Steps to Fabulous Big Hair:

As Sunshine expertly advises, if you want to be Madonna, Frankenstein, or Snooki, you must know how to create a big hair look!!

The key to successful big hair is in a proper backcombing technique: 

  • Using a fine-tooth rattail comb, divide hair into 1” sections
  • Keep the comb at a slight downward angle, firmly pushing the hair to your scalp.

  • Repeat until section stands on its own.
  • Continue downward until all sections have been backcombed. 

  • Gently tousle hair at the root and you're all set to shine!

Sunshine is coy regarding details of the exact styles, but promises that backstage there will be "feathers, LED lights, wiring, and enough fake hair to make Nicki Minaj bat an eye!"

Be sure to visit our friends at Phia Salon!