Monday, October 8, 2012

Behind the Scenes at S77: Video at HighBall Halloween

SNA sat down with Studio 77, our supporting sponsor developing video for HighBall’s 4-story-high video projection against the Columbus Convention Center.

About S77:

Situated right here in Columbus’s Short North, the people at S77 are experts at narrating visual stories for their clients. As a design, production, animation, and direction studio, S77 focuses on motion graphics with tremendous skills in live-action, illustration, photography, and music. Typical clientele varies greatly, and can include areas of advertising, broadcasting, music videos, retail, interactive, branding, and entertainment.

HighBall Halloween Staff:

chavilah bennett: art director / animator
emily rodenbeck: associate producer
rainer ziehm: executive producer

Left to right: John Angelo, Emily Rodenbeck, Staley Cook, Chavilah Bennett

HighBall Halloween Involvement:

As previous participants in HighBall Halloween, art director/animator, Chavilah Bennett, and associate producer, Emily Rodenbeck, were enthusiastic for the opportunity to engage in a more active role. It is the community involvement and infectious excitement, shared by the event coordinators, sponsors, and public that particularly inspires Chavilah and Emily and contributes to the magic of the event.

Left to right: Rainer Ziehm, Emily Rodenbeck, Chavilah Bennett

What You Will See from S77 on October 27th!

Videos for the introductions to Nina West performance, Public Costume Contest, Costume Couture, and background ambient video providing textures consistent with the smoke, magic, and energetic aesthetic of HighBall.

Process: From Concept to HighBall!

S77’s commitment to collaboration takes place from concept to delivery, and HighBall Halloween is no exception! After meeting and understanding the vision of event coordinators, John Angelo and Staley Cook, Chavilah and Emily created a series of mood boards. These visuals include a set of compiled photos intended to communicate the emotional impact of the desired aesthetic: glow, magic, and the fantastic.

Chavilah explaining the function of mood boards

Completed mood boards provide another opportunity for client feedback, and with approval leads to integration of the aesthetic concepts into actual video.

Chavilah showing the HighBall promotional video in Adobe After Effects

There is no doubt that all of S77’s hard work will add an unparalleled element of magic to our can't-miss event!