Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Costume Couture 2nd and 3rd Place Winners!

Bryston Walter: 2nd Place Winner

Bryston Walter’s “tree of life” themed green couture dress was magical and captivating to everyone in attendance at HighBall! While motivated by his original animal-inspired collection, this fabulous costume stands apart as a unique piece.  Bryston explains that the costume "definitely emerged over time," which is typical for his design development, he "love[s] the process of working with the materials and finding new ideas to incorporate into [his] original design."  The natural materials and colors organically woven together made a beautiful gown that impressed the judges and the crowd.

Currently a student at Columbus College of Art and Design, Bryston is excited to put the prize money back into his new collection.  Regarding his first runway show experience, Bryston says that “it was larger than life! The experience from beginning to end was so much fun."

Cierra Cunningham: 3rd Place Winner

Cierra’s stunning costume couture gown commanded the stage at this year’s HighBall Halloween. The dress, handcrafted out of painted newspapers, branches, and twinkle lights was the result of Cierra's desire to “enchant" and "sweep" the crowd into an imaginary "garden on a summer evening."  The costume concept was spontaneously inspired as Cierra was sketching a dress interspersed with twinkle lights.  When she learned that illuminatUS was the theme for HighBall, Cierra immediately began realizing her vision.  

Speaking enthusiastically of her second year as a designer at HighBall, Cierra noted that “it is always an honor to be a designer in the show and amazing to get to compete with such talented designers in Columbus.”  Cierra credits HighBall's "energy and creativity" for separating the event from all of the other fashion shows that she has taken part in.  

Born and raised in Columbus, Cierra earned her degree in Fashion Design at Columbus College of Art and design. She is proud that “Columbus really has grown in the fashion industry and has made a name for itself. You no longer have to go to NYV or LA for fashion.”  She could not be more excited for next year!