Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Winner of Costume Couture Contest: Ryan Charles Richmond

Ryan's Process - Concept to Creation: Finding creative freedom in a methodical structure, Ryan allows his designs to unfold organically

Clearly understand the concept:

Ryan researched his creative inspiration which was an "ET character from a far-off universe" that was the "unfinished creation of a civilization that was apocalyptically destroyed." Somewhat like the Edward Scissor-hand story, where the character's creator died before finishing “the last step of his humanization process." 

Other sources of inspiration:
  • design from Alexander McQueen’s “Plato Atlantis” 
  • London designer Hussein Chalayan
  • Lighted arches in the Short North
Mood board or a series of drawn ideas in his giant sketchbook

Materials and Crafting the Costume:

Ryan's costume was made of quilted foam and a sheer overlay of metallic mesh and sequined fabric.  He described this piece as having a “very unique texture that resembled an alien-like membrane” that fluidly moved with the model.  Thousands of pearlescent and metallic foil 'paillettes' were special ordered  to create a “scale-like texture that flowed throughout the piece,” and which "provided so much light and shimmery texture."  LED lights were also wired into the costume for additional glow.

Finishing Touches

Ryan’s look was so flawless and memorizing that it is hard to believe he was wiring lighting on the costume the day of the event and “gluing, sewing and sculpting up until the final lineup was called.” Despite last minute preparations and adapting to new models after two dropped out in the final week, Ryan happily noted that the "evening went off without a hitch."

The Highball Experience:

As Ryan's first HighBall Halloween, anticipations were high, but expectations were met exponentially.  He loved working alongside a talented group of local designers and is very appreciative of the SNA for helping add another supportive voice to his brand and name. 

Biographical Information:

Pursuing his professional career in Columbus was logical for Ryan after graduating from the Columbus College of Art and Design.  Being also a finalist in the CMH Fashion Week, Ryan is proud of where fashion design in Columbus is going, he said “cities across the country, and even the world over, have begun to take notice of what we accomplish here every day”, as Columbus is “home to so many of the retail industry leaders,” like the Limited Brands, Abercrombie & Fitch, and the independent boutiques in the Short North. With incredibly talented designers like Ryan Richmond, it is no surprise than Columbus is getting the attention it deserves.