Thursday, October 13, 2011

Local Artist Coreroc will help TRANSFORM the Short North at this year's HIGHBALL

Hey Cbus!  HighBall wanted to know how renowned graffiti artist Coreroc was going to make it work this year with his live creation of a glowing mural on High Street, so we sat down with him to find out.  Here's what we learned....

Coreroc works on a mural at this year's URBAN SCRAWL event.

Local artist, Ashley Voss (Coreroc), will paint literally anything that proves to have an impacting surface. Voss has been a graffiti artist for 20 years, and in the past six years, his love of graffiti art has transformed his work into a style that is all his own. He now works with blending graphic design, photography, couture, sculpture and more into one cohesive finished product. He currently has an exhibit for the month of October at Image Optical, 846 N. High Street.

The piece Coreroc is creating for Highball Halloween this year will embrace the themes of transformation and radiance. He is transforming the profile of local artist and lead singer of the Phantods, Gretchen King, on an 8x28 ft mural throughout the night. This piece, estimated to take 3 to 5 hours, will be done using glow materials.  It will be the centerpiece of a new theme to be reprised annually at HighBall, the use of UV reactive materials to create a GLOW.

Coreroc will develop fluid lines utilizing various UV reactive and traditional artist blend acrylic aerosol paints. ClearNeon aerosol paints will add a transparent glow visible only in the black light, and materials from the electronics industry will work as indiglo in a blue-green hue. In addition to these materials, there may even be an incorporation of electrical lighting. Coreroc will complete the piece by carving out the profile of King’s face, transforming the fluid glow shapes into the musician’s hair toward the end of the night.

“As an artist my goal is to speak to the aesthetic value of graffiti while seeking to shed the preconceived notion that graffiti is merely a form of destruction and or vandalism. Through facts, pictures, and open discussions I hope to prove that graffiti is a worthy, value added addition to any public space as well as the private sector and galleries alike.”

For more information on Coreroc and his work, visit, and be sure to check him out at HighBall on October 28th!