Friday, October 14, 2011

Designer Q&A: Lindsay Hearts

The runway competition at this year's HighBall is going to be FIERCE, in large part because of the talented cadre of designers who will be competing for this year's top prize.  Here's a look inside the mind of one of the competitors, Lindsay Hearts... but be warned, she is packing heat!

Lindsay Hearts rocks her signature necklace.  Don't worry, it's not loaded.
(photo by Lindsay Hearts)

How did you get into fashion?

I’ve been sewing since age 6, granted not very well then, but I always had desire to make things with my hands. Maybe that is even why I got into body piercings. I just wanted to create. I hate, hate, hate the norm. I think every day should be dress up. Fashion should really make you feel or what is the point? I just really pride myself on being an artist.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

It’s definitely very rock-n-roll. I do a lot of outerwear, bold pants, and I like everything studded, destroyed, distressed, things like that.
What is your inspiration for your designs that are being shown at Highball?

I made all of my outfits made specifically for Highball. I wanted to show all new things. It’s about extravagant, rock-n-roll, fearless, theater, and sex. I made lots of trips to New York to intern and see shows. I got all my fabric for these outfits from Mood. I interned with artists for inspiration and to see how NY influences them. It was just really great. I am so grateful for any space where I can work. I ripped apart the living room in my apartment and made into studio to immerse myself in my work.

What are your major design influences?

My girlfriend is major influence which I know people say that and it sounds all cliché, but she is so young and fun. She has this really raw, punk energy but she is still so calm and sweet.  Other than her, I really like this band called Hardcore Superstars.

Who are you wearing right now?

Right now I am working as usual so it isn’t so great but I will have to look at my closet. Oh! I love this new line from Blood is the new Black. It’s this really cool place that puts people’s artwork on t-shirts and commission goes to artist. That way they aren’t forced to sell their art and the company can do whatever with it, so it is really cool and good for artists. It is based in California but I found it when I was in New York. There is a girl, Annessa, who runs Bustown Modern who styles vintage items so buy tons of her stuff. It’s like refurbished vintage, it’s great. 

I have to have Jeffrey Campbell shoes for the biggest, highest platforms possible.

I also saw this Nicola Formichetti pop-up store during fashion week when I was in New York.  He does a lot of stuff for Lady Gaga and they had clothes, shoes, and accessories from all kinds of people. I got this necklace that is a huge black gun covered in rhinestones and I wear it every day now. She did all the jewelry in the “Judas” video and it’s by Marianna, who makes designer jewelry in Los Angeles.

It sounds like you really know your fashion! So, if you could design an outfit to be worn on the red carpet by any celebrity, who would you want to design for and why?

That’s a tough one. Nikki Sixx because he still looks awesome no matter what. He really can’t look bad.

Where do you see yourself and your career in 5 years?

I don’t want to move to move to New York and make it huge. That isn’t really the point. I want to keep creating and make great pieces. Even if it is just my friends that want to wear it. I don’t care who it is on, I just want people to really like it.

What do you think distinguishes costume from other clothing?

Costume is a one time sha-bang where clothing is like a staple to who you are and you don’t mind it for every day. I mean some people think I am in costume when I wear what I like but you should just be who you are, no matter what. So, I would say costumes are generally only worn once for special occasion.

What is the best way for fans of your work to keep tabs on you or make a purchase?

You can check my website, and there is a link there to purchase from my etsy page. I often work on things in Evolved so I might be there studding jackets or something. Sometimes I also sell things in What the Rock! but I don’t have anything in there right now.
Nice! We can't wait to see your designs on the runway.  Thanks for taking the time to talk to us.  Now get back to your sewing!

I am so, so excited that Highball gave me the opportunity to do this. It is quite the milestone. I never thought would be able to design for Highball because it is such a huge production and I am extremely grateful to have gotten there.

To see what Lindsay's looks on the runway along with all our other designers, be at HighBall on October 28th, and be sure to invite all your friends to check out our event page on Facebook and invite their peeps.  It's gonna be a rocking time!