Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Highball + Fashion Week = 2012


HighBall has just formed an exciting new partnership that will bring together the creative minds of Columbus Fashion Week with those of us at HighBall for a spectacular 2012 event!  This is exciting news that solidifies our belief that Columbus is the Fashion Capital of the Midwest!

Gabby Bullock wearing a Kevin Kerr original, FWC and HighBall designer - Miki Gotoh, FWC founding partner & chairman - Dont’e J. Rodriguez-Young, HighBall producer - John Angelo, FWC founding partner & president - Thomas McClure, Margeaux Thomas wearing a Miki Gotoh original, Kristin Radu wearing a Jennifer Carlson original, and Maika Karnes (kneeling) wearing a Tina Matthews original.
(photo courtesy of Frank Neumann)