Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Designer Q&A: Aaron James

The HighBall runway this year is going to be overflowing with talent from our area's designers!  Among those featured will be Aaron James of Ruby Hill.  Check out this chat we had with him to get a preview of what to expect from his looks this Friday!

How did you get into the world of fashion?

I used to be in theatre. I was a professional dancer. I segued into fashion. I moved to New York and worked for Macy’s doing window displays, and I never looked back.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

It’s glamour, but it’s an accessible glamour. Ordinary women can wear it, but it definitely has an over the top feel without being too much.

What are you using as inspiration for the work you’ll be showing at HighBall?

I was telling a friend, it’s glamazon alien. It’s about these glamorous alien women who were too glamorous for their own planet so they came down to earth to party it up with us.

What are some of your major design influences?

Karl Lagerfeld. Chanel. Donna Karan because I love how simple her lines are.  That’s how I mix the simple lines with the sparkle and all that.

Who are you wearing RIGHT NOW?

You weren’t supposed to ask me that! Addias track pants, an old beat up red shirt and an H&M cardigan.

If you could design an outfit for a celebrity to wear on the red carpet who would you want to dress and why?

Sarah Jessica Parker. She loves to take risks. She could wear anything and look amazing. Clearly, she wouldn’t be afraid of the glam side.

Where do you see yourself and your career in five years?

I’m hoping to move back to New York. I want to go back and forth between Columbus and New York. I want to open up a boutique in Columbus, and bring big city style to this city.

What do you think separates a costume from regular clothing?

In my opinion, costumes are acceptable everyday. Clothing makes you feel good. If you feel good dressing up as say a galactic, glamorous alien, do it.

What’s the best way for fans of your work to keep tabs on you or even purchase some of
your pieces?

Facebook. Type in Ruby Hill by Aaron James, and it’ll take you directly to my page. All the contact info, like email and phone number, is there.

Be at HighBall on Friday, October 28th to see for yourself what a Glamazon Alien looks like.  See you there!