Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sugar Skulls y Esqueletos


What happens when culture meets pop meets couture? A HighBall style celebration of Dia de los Muertos, featuring GIANT skeletons, catrina faces, and Latin American DJ sensation, DJ Cale, who will be hosting The Grim Reaper’s Dance Party, which will have a blend of music including tribal, reggaeton, hip hop, mambo, reggae salsa, and Latin dance.

Calveras de azucar or sugar skulls are a way for families to celebrate their ancestors. These brightly decorated sugar creations are far from morbid. Connie De Jong, who is working to make these for HighBall said, “Decorating the sweetest skull with flowers and candies helps families to take the sting out of their loss and remember the joy that they brought to their lives.” De Jong also mentioned the giant skeleton puppets that will be making their debut at HighBall’s Grim Reaper’s Dance Party.

De Jong noted, “There are hundreds of people adding their perspectives, creativity, and joy to the Sugar Skulls y Esqueletos experience at HighBall, and the elements will be pervasive throughout the event.”

Connie De Jong along with Global Gallery are partnering with groups like Latino Arts for Humanity, Amaya Productions, and within Ohio State, the Center for Latin American Studies, the Multicultural Center, Arts and Humanities Scholars, the Department of Fashion and Retail Studies, the Department of Art Education, and Department of Design.

“I think people will be inspired by the range of offerings and will find moments to be awed, to laugh, and to generally dabble in a Dia de los Muertos experience like never before,” said De Jong.

With all these groups involved and so many elements to experience, it’s sure to be a blast. So don’t forget your dancing zapatos and get ready to party, HighBall style.